Toxic Deduction - A short gay mystery

Written by Richard Saw


How we got here:

Film is the ultimate of mediums. A most rare chance to bring creatives together from almost every field. To bring together a novelist, interior designers, graphic artists of light and colour, musicians and those who understand the full depth of sound, and finally to the artists of acting itself. (And not to mention the shear artistry of trying to combine all of those into something watchable and the artistry of getting it all to happen at the same place and time. To wit; directing and producing).

A Toxic Deduction was very much born of these desires. A novelist met a cameraman one day. Online. On an app. And a conversation ensued. They had to learn how to talk each other’s language, they had to work out what they wanted to create. Through a combination of the endless willingness of the producer to buy people coffee, his decisive nature, and an executive producer who kept him heading in the right direction a team was formed and a film was made.

Where are we going:

A Toxic Deduction is just as taster for what’s to follow. A series of ten full length episodes is planned, telling the over-arching story of Stephen & John as they meet and form a unstoppable crime-fighting team. Each episode will also feature an individual case to be solved by our duo’s unique skills.

About the author:

Richard Saw likes to say he can’t recall a day in his life where he wasn’t writing. Whether it was about restaurants, tennis or mystical creatures inhabiting the depth of London’s sewers. Life took him from his native Australia to London, where he now takes the working of a global media firm into his everyday stride. Back in 2004 and trying to work on an idea about a “skills-based superhero who just happened to be gay”, he found bizarre inspiration in the form of a mash up between Sex and The City’s love-story to New York and the BBC’s version of Colan Doyle’s Hounds of the Baskervilles. And thus was born “Holmes and Watson”, a crime-fighting duo made up of a lawyer who handled bank’s fraud investigations and an OBGYN surgeon.

He’s somewhat convinced that happiness can be found when he’s impressing the boys at the gym with his deadlift, reviewing restaurants in the company of fascinating women and walking into a hip, new café where the barista’s already know who he is. But if he’s honest, his true nirvana can be found at the exact moment when the roast dinner is nearly cooked, the dessert is prepared, the dog is keeping him company in the kitchen, the cat and the husband are having a second afternoon nap on the sofa, and the champagne glasses are ready for the friends who are about to arrive. At which point his mind usually turns to exactly what crime could possibly be the centrepiece of the next novel and then…

Elevator pitch:

A business tycoon is living in fear of being poisoned by one of his inner circle. With the police unable to help,  his only hope for survival is a determined lawyer with a unique and unusual set of skills.

Short Synopsis of Film:

It’s been a long couple of days at a medical conference for Dr John, and all he wants to do is get home and share dinner and a glass of wine with his lover Stephen, a City lawyer of notoriety. That is, if he can keep his man fully clothed for at least the time it takes to drink a glass of wine!

But Stephen is not the sort of person to stand still and John’s horrified to find out that while he’s been away his lover has stepped in where the police fear to tread, and taken on a case to help a business tycoon who’s convinced someone in his inner circle is trying to poison him.

Resigned to his lover’s actions, John asks for the details and Stephen obliges, setting the scene and the characters involved.

We meet in quick succession, Patrick O’Brien – the tycoon; Toby Gibbs – his posh husband; Freya Oxenburg – his lover; Helen Grosch – his oldest business associate who runs his bars; and Vincent Mosely – the Millennial Social Media guru who runs his newest businesses.

Stephen explains that his solution was to invite them all to dinner last night and work out who committed the crime, face to face. And so as he recalls what happened, the characters take their place around the table.

Confronted by Patrick, Stephen admits he does know who wants to poison him and that they planned to do it tonight. But there is a twist to this tale that no one saw coming as Stephen reveals the full extent of the crimes that had been committed.

You can view the whole film by requesting a password by filling out the contact form and watch it right here on this website.

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